Nokia to launch Android phone at MWC

Nokia to launch Android phone at MWC

Nokia is set to launch its first Android-powered smartphone at Mobile World Congress next week, Mobile understands.

Well placed sources told Mobile the Android smartphone will launch next week at MWC. The phone, known as the Nokia X, is expected to run a forked version of Android. The flagship device is expected to herald further launches of Nokia Android-powered phones.

The move sees the manufacturer offer an Android smartphone for the first time ever, marking a significant departure from its allegiance to Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

The manufacturer is following in the footsteps of Amazon, which also uses a forked version of Android for its Kindle devices. The forked version means users will not be able to access Google Play stores or Google services. The strategy is seen as a move to lure Android users into the Microsoft mobile ecosystem. 

In a Valentine’s Day teaser today, seen as hinting at its plans to launch an Android phone, the Finnish manufacturer turned its Twitter and Facebook pages green, as each market hit midnight. The colour change is seen as a reference to Google’s green Android robot.


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