Asda Mobile hits porting problems in switch to EE

Asda Mobile hits porting problems in switch to EE

Supermarket giant Asda’s MVNO Asda Mobile has hit major problems transferring its customers over from Vodafone to EE’s network, sparking scores of complaints from angry customers.

Mobile understands the problems began following Asda’s decision to drop Vodafone as its MVNO partner in favour of EE in September last year.

Dozens of angry Asda mobile customers are reporting problems porting over their numbers from the Vodafone network to EE, since it transferred to EE’s platform late last year.

Customers have to order a new Sim card free of charge in order to transfer to EE’s network, but many have been experiencing severe delays to their numbers being ported over.

Poor customer service appears to be exacerbating the problem, with Asda mobile customers complaining about the difficulty of getting through to Asda Mobile’s helplines and reporting poor service when they do eventually get through.

One customer wrote on a review website: ‘I am still waiting for my transfer (since 28 January), I have rung dozens of times, never spoken to the same person, I have to tell the saga each time. Nobody returns my calls although they promise to - do not go with Asda Mobile.’

Another wrote: ‘Called them around 12 times in total, being on hold mostly for an average of 30 minutes each time. I have now gone with Tesco and everything was up and running after one call.’

Others are lamenting the switch from Vodafone to EE, claiming they had not had any problems on Vodafone’s network.

One business user called for Ofcom to investigate the problems. He said: ‘under Vodafone asda offered an excellent service. Foolishly I decided to give their new service under ee a chance and asked for Sim cards for my phones – repeatedly over quite a number of weeks - surely this is a shambles on such a scale that OFCOM should intervene?’

The transfer problems will come as a blow to Asda which has major aspirations in the MVNO market.

The partnership with EE, which was inked last autumn, was aimed at expanding asda mobile beyond pay as you go to offer cut price monthly contracts and a wider range of smartphones.

Asda’s decision to switch from Vodafone to EE was seen as controversial at the time. Some sources claimed asda’s move was driven by dissatisfaction with Vodafone’s services. However, others said it was prompted by Vodafone’s decision to launch a joint venture partnership with Sainsbury’s to launch its mobile by Sainsbury’s MVNO last summer.

An Asda spokesman said: ‘We understand a small number of our customers are experiencing issues and we’re currently working hard with EE to find a resolution to their problems as soon as possible.’


  1. Guest 31st Dec 2014

    oh dearni have just ordered a sim...what have i let myself in for! *waits with abated beath!*

  2. Guest 3rd May 2014

    I ordered a new sim card on 21/02/2014 and I have still not got my number ported over on 03/05/2014

  3. Guest 2nd May 2014

    It is definitely NOT a small number of dissatisfied customers mentioned by the Asda spokesperson. It is ma**es of them. I know because the phones are ...

  4. Guest 30th Apr 2014

    Three Months and nothing,ROBBED of £40.Changed to Vodaphone it took 15nins to do.Thank you Vodaphone.Steve.

  5. Guest 30th Apr 2014

    gone from good to shocking stay clear from asda mobile

  6. Guest 29th Apr 2014

    Phoned but couldnt get through and call centre shut at 8pm

  7. Guest 29th Apr 2014

    We waited for two months for a sim for my Dads phone, we finally got one this weekend but it does not work, saying SIM not Valid. Because of this we c ...

  8. Guest 25th Apr 2014

    on phone two hours forty minutes mostly waiting. still not resolved

  9. Guest 25th Apr 2014

    On the phone for 2 hours and 40 minutes most of that was waiting time, issue still not resolved. What arecommendation.

  10. Guest 25th Apr 2014

    Very poor customer service and communications, from a major communications operator. Waited for two hour sessions, still could not talk to Customer Se ...

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