MWC 2014: Motorola commits to Android OS in light of Google sale

MWC 2014: Motorola commits to Android OS in light of Google sale

Motorola confirmed that it was committed to the Android operating system despite its Google sale to Lenonvo, at a Q&A session at MWC.

The smartphone maker was bought by the Chinese manufacturer for $2.91bn (£1.76bn) last month from the OS developer, but Motorola senior vice-president of supply chain and operations, Mark Randall, told delegates in Barcelona: 'We'd have to compromise if we spread across ecosystems. We'll continue to focus on Android.'

Randall added that Motorola's link-up with Lenovo will not compromise the brand as there will be 'no major overlap'. He said markets were quite 'complementary' and the partnership would facilitate a Motorola foothold in the Asian markets, although there was no word on when its Moto G or Moto X devices would hit Chinese shelves. When asked about what effect Lenovo would have on Motorola's portfolio, he said: 'I can't comment until close, but we're excited about how we can build our brand with its scale. Lenovo is very interested in our product portfolio and we hope it will continue in this direction.

‘As part of Google it was very hard to do business in China, but that will be very different with Lenovo.’

Motorola also confirmed that it was developing its own smartwatch in 2014, and that it would be 'more a piece of jewellery rather than ugly tech'. Although the manufacturer didn't use this year's Mobile World Congress as a platform to launch devices, there was a hint that a new version of the Moto X would be launched in the summer time.


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