Carphone to invest extra £10m in Pinpoint

Carphone to invest extra £10m in Pinpoint

Carphone Warehouse will spend a further £10m on its retail operations over the next year as it continues to develop its ground-breaking Pinpoint sales tool.

The retailer spent an initial £10m in 2013 on improving its estate, with Pinpoint a key component in the overhaul. The tool, launched last August, is an ‘assisted sales journey’ which enables employees to present the best suited tariffs to customers depending on their habits. Around £3m of the total was spent on staff training for Pinpoint, and CEO Graham Stapleton told Mobile the investment wouldn’t stop there.

He said: ‘The retail development is not going to be a job that ever completes because this industry is so dynamic you have to keep reinventing. We have now completed the rollout of the Pinpoint tablets, so there’s between 3,000-5,000 in the retail environment for every single colleague to use.

‘What we’re going to do over the next year is invest another £10m to improve the software, to develop this tool for online shopping, and to also continue training these skills. This could get even better.’

Although it was still early days for the initiative, Stapleton said that Carphone had experienced sales improvements for the stores that were using ‘the full tablet journey’, adding: ‘We’ve seen an improvement in the amount of converted journeys we get.’

He said that Pinpoint made for a more ‘scientific and customer-led’ approach which allows the consumer to drive the conversation and feel like they are being listened to. The thirteen key steps are tailored so the customer can chose the amount of data they use based on everyday habits while comparing the spec of a number of devices they are interested in. As a result, customer satisfaction scores have increased ‘massively’.

The CEO added: ‘Whenever we go through the whole tablet journey we’re seeing a huge increase in the Net Promoter Score from customers. We record satisfaction levels using a network motor score. We’ve looked at these scores before we launched Pinpoint and then afterwards, and it’s gone up seventeen points, which is massive movement.

‘That’s what gives us confidence. If customers have enjoyed the Pinpoint experience they’re more likely to recommend us in the future. It’s not just about now, it’s about creating a sustainable business.’


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