O2 staff accept 2.6% pay rise

O2 staff accept 2.6% pay rise

O2 staff members have agreed a 2.6% pay rise with the operator after ballots took place last week.

The Communication Workers Union advised members to accept the offer last month despite haggling for 2.7% - the rate of inflation. The salary increase will benefit more than 1,000 employees working in the Preston Brook, Bury and Leeds call centres.

O2’s 2014 pay review covers all employees on general population grades and engineers represented by the CWU. The union is also working on a pay resolution for retail staff which should be cleared up by June.

CWU national officer Sally Bridge (pictured): ‘The 2.6 per cent we secured was above the average settlements currently being achieved and it stacks up as a good increase in what is still a difficult economic period and a challenging time for O2.

‘After all the turmoil surrounding last year’s mass transfer of loyal employees to Capita, the CWU negotiating team was determined to secure a straightforward ‘across the board’ settlement for workers after what, for many, was a pretty harrowing 2013.

‘Our talks with the company were intensive and often difficult, but the CWU negotiating team felt that the ‘final’ offer that ultimately emerged from the company met the CWU’s key objectives - hence our ability to unequivocally recommend the deal to our membership.

‘The overwhelming support it has received means that this year’s pay rise will be paid on time in April’s salaries, enabling the union to concentrate on the task of consolidating its position within the changed environment at Telefonica.’


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