Lumia 930 pre-orders to come with a £130 starter pack

Lumia 930 pre-orders to come with a £130 starter pack

Nokia revealed that customers wanting to pre-order its new Lumia 930 smartphone will receive a pack with a consumer value of £130 on top.

Included in the offer is a wireless charger, wireless speak and a £20 app voucher. Aside from the pre-order offer, all purchasers of the new device will get a new wireless charger.

Nokia UK and Ireland vice-president Conor Pierce said the wireless charger initiative was part of its ‘beautifully integrated’ campaign with its new members of the Lumia family.

The Lumia 930 and 635 are expected to hit the shelves in the UK in July, while the 630 will be available from May.

Pierce said: ‘It’s part of our beautifully integrated campaign. We have the multi-screen experience and the wireless chargers. In every sales pack there will be a wireless chargers and we need to drive that agenda. We own the space and it’s our responsibility to bring it to market.’


Any idea when this will be available to pre-order?
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