Bibitel improves ‘sim-skin’ for market share charge

Bibitel improves ‘sim-skin’ for market share charge

International calling company Bibitel is aiming for a ‘profitable’ 3-4% of the international market as its sales grow amid product improvements and increased marketing.

The sim-skin product allows consumers to make cheaper international calls with their existing caller ID and telephone number. Bibitel signed a distribution deal with Data Select last October and has a presence in a number of retail stores, and CEO of parent company Digitech Communications, Shouvanik Chatterjee, told Mobile he expects to capture market share this year.

He said: ‘Over the last few years we’ve seen major telcos averaging around EUR4bn (£3.3bn) for international calls. We can easily take a reasonable chunk of that market, but it’s all about confidence and familiarity with the product. We’re looking at possibly grabbing 3-4% of that market, which will be very profitable.’

Chatterjee added that his company had spent time improving the product to become more ‘seamless’. He said the skin had some ‘teething issues’ originally, but it had been enhanced to become more universal. Bibitel’s website has been improved, and now works across multiple platforms – PC, smartphone and tablet.

Bibitel will also be launching a roaming solution later in the year. Chatterjee said that he wanted to make headway in the b2b market, a sector he said his sim-skin could cut international call charges by 50%, but more traction was being found in the consumer market.

He told Mobile: ‘Our sweet spot is more consumer than b2b at the moment. Consumers have tended to be the early adopters and are buying in higher volume. We are making good in-roads in the international community as well.

‘B2B is gaining momentum though, as businesses look to save on international calls. We just need to improve their understanding around the product. For them it sounds a bit too easy and we need to get their confidence.’


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