Cloud X platform to centralise distribution

Cloud X platform to centralise distribution

Cloud X is aiming to capitalise on the fragmented nature of the global mobile distribution market by improving margins and saving time for operators, manufacturers and retailers via its new online platform.

The website was created to allow mobile organisations to negotiate electronically, and execute and process transactions in one visit. Over a year’s work on the technological aspect of the service culminated in its official launch in January 2014, and CEO and founder Mohsen Khalkhali (pictured) said he was ‘positively surprised’ with the first three months’ traction.

He told Mobile: ‘Clients in the buying process will have their own device strategy. They don’t buy from just one manufacturer as they want to build up their device portfolio to fulfil end user demand. At the moment a lot of decisions are not based on real-time and market data, so it’s rather fragmented.

‘Cloud X will centralise all data into one single place to help with their decisions. Everything is online and will allow users to negotiate, confirm and execute transactions within minutes. It will save money and increase margins in distributions. It also saves time, and you can’t put a value on that.’

The founder highlighted the firm’s ability to centralise shipping, currency exchange and payment processing as crucial components in the way it helps clients cut costs. Khalkhali gave the example of a UK retail partner that had saved 30% of shipping costs after using the Cloud X platform.

Cloud X generates its own revenue by charging membership subscriptions for market access as well as transaction fees. Khalkhali also hinted at ‘auxiliary services’ such as selling data and working with mid-sized OEMs in marketing and channel strategies. He said: ‘We are really committed to the mobile device market and we want to make sure our platform is answering all the needs and requirements of this marketplace and adds value in the supply chain.

‘Next year hopefully we’ll have multiples of the activity we have now and that all our clients will see the quality of our data and service in their own results and day-to-day business.’

Khalkhali said that Cloud X is the ‘world’s first multi-currency matching engine’, which allows multinational operators and manufacturers to set up deals reflecting the different global markets. At present the platform is compatible with six currencies, although the CEO confirmed that his company has the ability to extend it to over 200. The young entrepreneur came up with the idea after using a similar portal when he worked in banking and finance.

He added: ‘When I moved from finance to mobile telecoms I saw there was no infrastructure to connect mobile markets. I spoke to different distribution companies, operators and dealers and I saw this opportunity to build this decision making tool.’

'We invested a lot of time and money in our technology and integrating our systems. Cloud X gives you all the data to make better informed decisions. The data is clean, real-time data, and our technology is proprietary and patent pending.’


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