Huawei reveals $300m marketing warchest

Huawei reveals $300m marketing warchest

Huawei has revealed its intention to spend $300 million (£179m) on global marketing in an attempt to improve its brand image.

The Chinese manufacturer is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world thanks to an overwhelming customer base in its home nation.

Huawei has been making traction in Europe and plans to increase its exposure with a number of notable partnerships and the investment in a £125 million research and development centre in the UK.

Questions around its security capabilities surfaced in March following reports suggesting that the US authorities had hacked into Huawei’s headquarters, and vice-president of consumer marketing, Shao Yang, told Reuters that the spend would go towards strengthening its worldwide image.

He said: ‘This year Huawei will spend $300 million on marketing. In 2014, we are aiming our sales efforts at improving our branding image.’


They seem the firm favourited to bag the t**le sponsorship of the McLaren Formula One team. Thatll cost them $50m + a year but gain them world wide ma ...
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