Asda Mobile moves to tackle porting problems

Asda Mobile moves to tackle porting problems

Asda Mobile has set up a dedicated team to help customers port their numbers in the face of continuing customer complaints seven months after the MVNO's switch from Vodafone to EE.

The supermarket giant told Mobile that the dedicated team will operate ‘for the next few weeks’ to help customers port their numbers. The retailer has also pledged to compensate all customers affected by the delays.

The MVNO’s move from Vodafone to EE in September last year has been dogged with problems which centre on lengthy number porting delays, customers’ difficulty in getting through to Asda Mobile’s helpline and poor customer service from helpline staff.

Last week Mobile revealed that customers are still complaining about delays and poor service with Ofcom monitoring the MVNO to ensure it deals with the ongoing problems.

In a statement this week an Asda Mobile spokesman said the MVNO had set up a number of measures to deal with the ongoing problems. The spokesman said: ‘We have been working to ensure our customers understand the changes to their Asda Mobile and any actions they may need to take to make sure they are part of the new network.

‘One thing customers needed to do was to port their number from the old network to the new, and we have contacted customers regularly to make sure they had plenty of time to do this before the old network shut down.'

He added: ‘We’ve been working hard recently to make sure that those customers who hadn’t had a chance to obtain their PAC code still could get hold of it after the old network went offline

‘We’ve set up a dedicated team who will be available for the next few weeks to assist customers who’ve not yet obtained a PAC number and customers can contact this team on 0845 303 2732.’

The MVNO also pledged to compensate customers adversely affected by the switchover. The spokesman said: ‘As we committed to back in October, no customer will be left out of pocket and any customers who have a balance remaining on their account after the old network went offline can call or 0800 479 8707 register their details here’


this problem still exists I am trying to transfer my existing number from to asda have given the port code still awaiting problem to be resol ...
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