Apple, Samsung owners slow to switch brands

Apple, Samsung owners slow to switch brands

Apple and Samsung smartphone owners are slow to switch brands, according to a new survey by Qriously.

The study by the London-based start-up highlights brand loyalty among the two groups of mobile phone users.

Qriously took a sample from 2,440 existing iPhone owners, and another 2,440 Samsung smartphones owners, to determine how many were willing to switch brands.

Of the iPhone owners, 36.7% said they would stick with their current model rather than upgrading to the iPhone 6 while 32.82% stated they would be happy to upgrade; 30.48% remained undecided on the options.

An impressive 41.6% of iPhone owners said it was unlikely they would upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S5 while 28.72% said they would change brands.

When the question was put to Samsung owners, 39.26% stated they were not considering the S5 when their current contract expired. Meanwhile, just under one-third, or 32.42% of those questioned, said they would upgrade to the S5 device. The remaining 28.32% were undecided.

When Samsung owners were asked if they would upgrade to an iPhone 6, an incredible 50.37% said they would remain with their current brand with just 25.1% stating they consider Apple’s yet-to-be-released iPhone6.

The report is welcome news for other mobile phone manufacturers hoping to tempt the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy brand owners over to new devices.

‘What is clear is that in a fiercely competitive market it is more important than ever for big brands to not rely solely on their reputation; clear, consistent, and constant communication with their customers through the most relevant channels possible is as critical as it's ever been,’ said Chris Kahler, CEO and co-founder of Qriously.

‘Apple and Samsung consumers are amongst the most loyal in the world, making these findings very intriguing for both brands.’


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