Samsung Ultra X820 video controversy

Samsung Ultra X820 video controversy
The controversial video designed to show how easily a Samsung Ultra x820 can be broken in two has become an industry talking point.

Since Mobile published a web link to the video, made by Motorola and claimed to be a spoof, people have been logging on with their thoughts. Some industry sources believe it to be a fake. The MD of one handset manufacturer, who has seen the video, told Mobile: 'Did they saw halfway through it first? It seemed to snap very easily. I'm sure they would test it first and not allow it to go out like that'.

A retailer stocking the phone commented that the phone would have to be taken apart and put back together minus the circuit board in the middle to snap like that. 'It has to be a wind up', he said.

Others are not quite so convinced, with some sceptical retailers even tempted to have a go at breaking one themselves. One reported that as soon as he put a small amount of pressure on the device, it began to creak. 'If I were to try, I could snap one of these in half with minimum effort, I just can't afford to risk it', said another.

Samsung has so far declined to comment on the video.

See the video for yourself here.

Have your say: do you think the Samsung will break, or is the video a fake?

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