BT gets ready for new mobile network

BT gets ready for new mobile network

BT says it will shake up the UK mobile market when it launches its new network in the coming months.

The announcement could mean a price war on 4G services across the country when the service begins operating shortly.

The company plans to re-launch its mobile network for businesses this summer. It says it will re-enter the consumer mobile network market by April 2015.

BT has signed a new agreement for its customers to use EE’s network, along with its current network of 5.4 million Wi-Fi hotspots and its 4G network.

In building its new mobile network, BT is expected to upgrade customers’ Home Hub technology to broadcast 4G and Wi-Fi signals.

The news will make for unwelcome reading by Britain’s current mobile operators - EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. Having invested heavily in 4G networks, the existing mobile operators are charging higher subscription fees for a faster mobile internet service.

A spokesperson for BT told Mobile: 'We will launch innovative new mobility services for business in the coming weeks and the first consumer services by April next year. The first consumer services will use our MVNO deal with EE.'

When asked if the new network service would be available to customers through independent retailers, the BT spokesperson said: 'It’s still early days for us. We have no further comment to make.'


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