Phones 4u unveils new Be.Smart range

Phones 4u unveils new Be.Smart range

Phones 4u is trialling a new ‘smart tech’ proposition across ten stores.

The Phones 4u outlets in the Birmingham area will showcase the Be.Smart range of smart and wearable technology to complement existing smartphone ranges.

The products are designed to enhance customers’ lifestyles with wearable technology that helps them train more effectively and smart devices to sync with smartphones to create a more ‘connected’ home.

The new proposition includes products ranging from fitness bands, such as the Sony Smart Band, to smart light bulbs, such as the Philips Hue.

The proof-of-concept stores are due to launch in June and will monitor consumer interest for emerging smart technology. The new technology may be rolled out to up to 100 stores in the near future if consumer demand warrants it.

‘The wearable and smart tech market is growing rapidly and we’re focused on embracing the opportunity it represents,’ said Scott Hooton, CMO at Phones 4u.

‘We will make best use of our online channels and complimentary in-store teams to help grow consumer understanding of this evolving category, which we believe goes far beyond just ‘wearable’ technology and encapsulates a much wider array of devices that are connected to and controlled by smartphones.’

Phones 4u staff will receive dedicated training at the company’s Fort Dunlop facility in order to provide advice to customers on the new technology,

‘The success of the wearable and smart tech category is dependent on retailers and manufacturers being able to demonstrate the benefits of these new products to consumers, rather than just filling their store shelves with them.’ 


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