Three selects Brand & Deliver for event organising

Three selects Brand & Deliver for event organising

Mobile network Three has signed a two-year contract with advertising agency Brand & Deliver to produce events. The marketing firm will provide content and production services for Three’s large-scale events.

The news is confirmation of the first major step in Three's restructuring of its events as it works to drive motivation of both the brand and its products.

‘Work commenced on 1 May,’ Ben Gallop, co-founder of Brand & Deliver told Mobile. ‘Our approach is to communicate with Three's own workforce with the same creative confidence that they project to their consumers,’ he said. 

‘We believe that everyone is a consumer and that B2B no longer exists.’

Three's brand will be projected with consistency and energy, regardless of the audience, he emphasised.

Brand & Deliver will organise a range of large-scale conferences and events ranging from '1800-people conferences to departmental off-sites’. 

‘We will be aligning communications across multiple areas of the business as well as proactive experiences delivered for their external business partners'.

He said the company is excited to 'deliver a new approach for Three', and that its proven marketing-led approach will be implemented with such a dynamic and creative brand.

‘Throughout the pitch process with Brand & Deliver we got a really good feeling about them,’ said Rebecca Griffith, retail marketing manager at Three. She said the agency was like-minded in the way they ‘work, creative and agile in their ability to get things done’ - a key in delivering events with a ‘wow factor and within budget’.

Brand & Deliver’s portfolio includes, among others, Samsung, Sony Pictures and web-based TV station Netflix.


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