EE to reduce roaming charges

EE to reduce roaming charges

EE have informed customers that they will reduce the cost of using their phones while abroad.

From 1 July they will reduce the cost of making and receiving calls back to the UK or to any international mobile or landline from EU countries. Including VAT, making a call will now cost 18.8p, receiving a call 4.9p, an SMS 4.9p and data 19.8p per MB. An MMS will be made at the rate of 19.8p.

The cost to call countries outside of the EU when you are roaming within the EU will also change. The cost of a call will be £1.20, an SMS 50p and an SMS will cost 50p. Receiving calls while you are in the EU will continue to stay at the rate of 4.9p a minute.

If an EE customer has roaming included in their plan, then these charges will only apply if they go over their limit or opt out of that plan.


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