Phablets are no ‘passing phad’

Phablets are no ‘passing phad’

A spokesperson from a mobile ad platform has said that phablets have the potential to eventually become more valuable than tablets for companies, although this is unlikely to happen any time soon.

Andy Warren, COO of EMEA at Opera Mediaworks said that while phablets are currently a niche product, they are likely to become more prominent as users come to know more about them.

A report released this week by Opera Mediaworks which identifies the media consumption habits of phablet users. It found that although they are closer to smartphone users in terms of the type of media they consume, their behaviour was found to be distinct enough to warrant its own profile.

‘By combining the functionality and portability of the smartphone with a larger screen size, the phablet could be considered the best of both devices — or possibly a combination of the worst,’ the report said.

Warren said: ‘What we are seeing is an oscillation between smartphone and tablets: smartphones are too small to view video on, but tablets are too big to be convenient.’

A report by Juniper Research from earlier this year which highlighted that while just 20m of the 980m smartphones shipped globally in 2013 were phablets, that number is predicted to lift 600% to reach 120m by 2018.

The Opera Mediaworks study is in-line with this in its finding that while phablets have many benefits for the user, they are not yet ready to replace tablets just yet when it comes to gaming, music and video.


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