Rootmetric tests show EE as fastest London network

Rootmetric tests show EE as fastest London network

EE has beaten rivals O2, Three and Vodafone to win the accolade of fastest network in London and shares first place with Three as the most reliable network in the capital, according to mobile analytics firm Rootmetrics.

Rootmetrics findings recently attracted controversy when Vodafone questioned its impartiality, pointing to a commercial relationship it has with EE to sell it data from the tests. At the time a Vodafone spokesman said Rootmetrics testing 'does not appear to follow industry standard practices or is fully impartial.' However Rootmetrics insists its tests are independent and unbiased.

In this latest round of tests Rootmetrics took data from 88,670 on-the-ground samples.The tests, which Rootmetrics said are the first tests since all major operators have been providing 4G in the London area, showed EE remains the fastest network.

Overall EE came out top in the tests with a ‘RootScore’ of 92.2 points out of a possible 100 - this was followed by Three (88.5), O2 (87.5) and Vodafone (86.0).  However Rootmetrics said Three and O2 tied for second position as their scores are statistically comparable. 

These scores come from combining results from the RootMetrics mobile internet, call and text tests, and show how reliably and quickly each network performed across all the ways consumers use their phones. 

Three and EE shared the prize for the most reliable networks in London, though all four major operators achieved slightly lower scores on the RootMetrics Network Reliability Index in London than in Manchester and Liverpool. Likewise, EE, O2, and Vodafone also had slightly lower scores on the reliability index in London compared to Birmingham, with Three being the only exception. 

EE, having launched its 4G service in 2012, remains in front, scoring 93.8/100 in the mobile internet category, with median download and upload speeds of 17.8 Mbps and 9.3 Mbps. Launching 4G at the same time in August 2013, O2’s and Vodafone’s speeds are comparable (9.6 Mbps and 10.1 Mbps upload and 3.2 Mbps and 3.8 Mbps download).

Rootmetrics said EE was the ‘clear winner’ for best mobile internet (93.8/100), eight points ahead of the nearest network, Three.

However the gap narrows on other aspects with a three-way tie between O2, Three and EE on call performance. Meanwhile in the text category, whilst EE tops the list (96/100), only two points separate all operators.

RootMetrics CEO and president Bill Moore said: ‘Our unbiased testing shows consumers how the mobile networks perform in real-world situations. All the major operators are now providing 4G in London, but EE is still out in front when it comes to speed, though Three made a great showing in terms of network reliability. Speed is obviously great, but it’s meaningless if you cannot connect to a network wherever you are; EE and Three are the most reliable networks in London right now.’


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