UK lags behind Europe on high street Wi-Fi connectivity

UK lags behind Europe on high street Wi-Fi connectivity

Despite London's Oxford Street being hailed the most ‘connected’ street in the world, beating the likes of New York’s 5th Avenue, France’s Champs Elysee and Tokyo’s CSD, the UK is lagging behind the rest of the world on Wi-Fi connectivity.

According to research commissioned by Wi-Fi service platform operator, Devicescape, whilst in the USA 34% of customer facing organisations, from banks to coffee shops and libraries, offer amenity Wi-Fi, this figure stands at only 15% in the UK. Research also showed that the UK is below the Western European average of 19% and lags behind Eastern Europe, which stands at 35%. This means that the UK has fallen behind Europe and the USA, making Oxford Street an exception to the rule. 

Devicescape CEO Dave Fraser,said: ‘There’s a stunning misperception that amenity Wi-Fi is of poor quality. This study shows what we’ve known for a long time - amenity Wi-Fi is becoming the norm for small businesses and the service provided is typically fast and high-quality. It is a powerful platform for mobile connectivity and offers up tremendous benefit for both enterprises and consumers.’



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