Virgin to axe 130 jobs

Virgin to axe 130 jobs

Virgin Media is axing 130 jobs at its centres in Bradford and Birmingham, with more cuts on the cards.

The cable TV, phone and broadband operator plans to make 50 redundancies from the Eagle Court centre in Birmingham and 88 redundancies from Dudley Court in Bradford. Most jobs are understood to be back office roles. There could be further redundancies elsewhere from the services division.

The Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) slammed the move this week, claiming the company plans to outsource some of the jobs to Bangalore, India.

In a statement the union said: ‘At the end of the last year, Virgin Media declared there would be 660 redundancies, which they said would reduce duplication in senior managerial roles. In fact it resulted in the outsourcing of the surveying aspects of the access planner’s role just before Easter and 70 redundancies.

Since international cable giant Liberty Global bought the company in 2013, Virgin has been undergoing cost-cutting by outsourcing back office functions.’ 

CWU national officer John East said: ‘This announcement is a kick in the teeth to these employees who have already undergone several rounds of redundancies. Morale is understandably low, especially when staff are performing well and the work is there for them to do.  

‘It’s a cynical move to outsource jobs abroad when unemployment in the UK is still high. This will undoubtedly hit the local economies in both Birmingham and Bradford. 

‘We are extremely disappointed in Virgin Media’s continual cost-cutting which will have a disastrous effect on customer service. We will fight hard to keep Virgin Media jobs in-house and ensure that those workers who are affected are properly supported.’

Virgin Media said it was aiming for the bulk of any staff reductions to come via voluntary redundancies and by not replacing leavers.

It said under the restructure it expected some new jobs would be created for data integrity analysts, finance managers and others. Virgin said the exact numbers were still to be finalised.

A Virgin Media spokesman said: ‘We are talking with our staff about some proposed changes to the way we work, including the potential outsourcing of some back-office roles.’

It said consultations with staff ahead of the cuts will also include discussions about relocation opportunities or redeployment within the group.


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