HTC launches new Herald smartphone

HTC launches new Herald smartphone
HTC has released a new smartphone based heavily on its popular TyTN model.

The P4350, or Herald as HTC has branded it, shares a similar look to the TyTN with a qwerty keyboard that tucks itself behind a large screen, but comes without 3G capability.

The handset started selling in late December. One dealer said the lack of 3G capability is a good thing. ‘The TyTN is a great handset, but the 3G aspect can slow a lot of the other applications down and mess with the general software. This is still a more than capable smartphone with tons of office features’, she said.

The Herald is compatible with Windows Mobile version 5 which means it can support Microsoft office applications. It can play music and video files using Windows Media Player, has a 2 megapixel camera and supports Micro SD cards for expandable memory function.

It is currently available at a Sim-free price of £351 and is expected to be adopted by the networks shortly.

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