Brands aren't creating compelling ads for mobile - Google

Brands aren't creating compelling ads for mobile - Google

Brands and marketing agencies are not doing good enough to produce new and compelling content for mobile audiences. That’s was the message from Google’s UK head of performance Matt Bush speaking at a technology conference this week.

Speaking at Details and Mr Porter’s Tech & Tastemakers summit in London, Bush said that the biggest open goal brands are missing is mobile – by not leveraging the technology platform to its full extent.

“I’ve yet to see a really good creative mobile campaign,” said Bush. While he said there was “one or two” out there, generally there aren’t any if you look at the campaigns that go through Google, he explained. The most creative ads are search ads because they are “actually thinking about the uniqueness of the device”.

So, what can a mobile do that cannot be done on any other platform? “You know what time of day it is, you know where that person is located, you know what services they’ve looked at before and you potentially know exactly what they’re looking for in that point of time. At the moment, most brands aren’t really taking full advantage of that as much as they could.”

Based on pure performance standing, he explained how some of the best ads come from basic search formats. Bush revealed how Google is eager to get brands and advertising agencies working with the Internet giant to find different ways of talking to a mobile audience - “increasingly looking to mobile for everything they do”.

“We can’t make it as interruptive as traditional advertising – it needs to be something that builds and gives a value to the audience and I think none of these things are being done on mass at the moment. Mobile without question is something that I would focus heavily on.”

Bush said he struggles to think of brands that are using the company’s platforms in a eye-catching way.


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