Kazam in talks with major UK retailers

Kazam in talks with major UK retailers

British manufacturer Kazam is talking to major UK retailers after clinching its first high street deal with Phones 4u to range its smartphone.

The partnership will see Phones 4u stores ranging the Kazam trooper X3.5 smartphone and Kazam Life B4 feature phone. This is the manufacturer’s first UK retail partnership since it launched in May last year by former HTC executives Michael Coombes and James Atkins (pictured).

Atkins, chief marketing officer of Kazam, said that although the company is trading on the high streets in over 15 European countries, the UK had been a tougher nut to crack because of its stringent compliance rules. He added that the company was now over that hurdle, having met all necessary UK compliance requirements on its devices, and was preparing to ink further retail partnerships in the UK.

He told Mobile: ‘The UK is a key focus for us and the Phones 4u partnership is the result of a lot of work and one we can now build on with other partners. We are speaking to all the key players.’

Atkins added that the Phones 4u deal would help open doors to other retail deals in the UK. ‘That is the way it has worked for us in other markets. We engage a partner and that gives others more confidence to come in. We are keen to work with a spectrum of partners to make sure there are a range of options for consumers.’

Atkins said UK retailers and operators liked Kazam’s strategy - which is to be a disruptive force in the market, offering high quality phones at low prices and a high level of after sales care with services such as free cracked screen replacement, remote access support service Kazam rescue and a two-year warranty.

He said: ‘Both buyers and consumers are very accepting of our different proposition. It is not all about megapixel cameras and quad core. I believe smartphones are becoming commoditised. There is less of a hero issue. These things are expected as standard and people are moving beyond focusing on the smartphone to wanting additional services too. Services like cracked screen replacement really resonate with them.’

Atkins said the company’s products were aimed at a broad church of consumers with one attitude in common. ‘We are targeting consumers who don’t want to pay more for a well known brand when the new brand is just as good and offers better service proposition.

'There is a growing trend among consumers to discover new products. It is similar to what is happening in the supermarket sector. We are a new brand which is offering the same but with a slightly different proposition.’

He added: ‘There is a subtle culture change going on which says it is not always cool to have the same as everyone else. It is cool to be canny and to find a product that does the same but in a better way.’



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