LG inks first handset deal with Vodafone

LG inks first handset deal with Vodafone

LG is throwing down the gauntlet to rivals after clinching its first ever partnership deal with Vodafone.
The deal will see Vodafone range LG’s flagship smartphone, the LG G3 (pictured) and its predecessor, the LG G2, which has played a key role in driving up LG sales.

The partnership with Vodafone is seen as a major coup for LG, marking its arrival as a serious contender in the UK smartphone market. LG’s strategy to develop high spec, innovative phones at competitive prices, backed by its biggest-ever marketing campaign this year and boosted by declining sales of BlackBerry and Nokia phones is seeing the South Korean manufacturer carve out an increasing share of the UK market. LG’s presence in the Connected Home market is also seen as a positive by operators, giving it an edge on rivals such as HTC and Nokia.

Speaking to Mobile, Andrew Coughlin (pictured), LG’s head of Mobile, UK and Ireland, said the company was ‘delighted’ at its partnership with Vodafone. He added: ‘We share a commitment to driving innovation and offering mobile experiences that ultimately bene?t our customers, so we see this collaboration as critical in the launch of LG’s latest hero handset.
‘The G3 is the result of LG’s tireless work to produce a truly next generation handset, of which we are all very proud, and it’s great that Vodafone’s customers will now be able to enjoy our impressive new device.’

Dee Kaul, director of Terminals Commercial UK and Ireland, said: ‘We’re always looking to have the best range of devices at the right price points for our customers. We are confident the technology behind the LG G3 will help bring our 4G services such as Netflix, Spotify and Sky Sports to life for our customers.’

Analysts said the partnership deal was a landmark for LG in the UK market. IDC analyst, Francisco Jeronimo said: ‘Vodafone is an operator that will not list products unless it is sure they can sell out, so this is a vote of confidence in LG.’

Jeronimo said that LG’s marketing strategy is also reaping benefits. ‘Even if operators like products they still need financial support to promote the devices and we are seeing a quite different level of investment from LG, especially this year, which gives Vodafone more confidence to launch the G3.’

Strategy Analytics director Neil Mawston said the LG G3 was attracting rave reviews from both the media and the general public. He added: ‘These are nice looking devices which are getting better feedback than the Galaxy S5.’

However he warned: ‘If LG wants to keep up the momentum the challenge will be to follow up the G3 with a strong pipeline of hit models


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