PM promises action on poor rural coverage

PM promises action on poor rural coverage

David Cameron has renewed his pledge to help communities in rural area suffering from broadband “not-spots”.

The Prime Minister spoke out on the matter at the weekend and revealed how he had to cut short his holidays twice due to poor mobile phone signal coverage.

Mr Cameron said he returned early from holidaying in Cornwall in 2011 and 2013 as he was unable to stay up-to-date on political matters due to a lack of mobile phone coverage in the area.

In the interview with a south west regional newspaper, Mr Cameron said: 'This is a really big issue for people all over the country - the "not-spots".'

'For rural communities, not being connected to super-fast broadband is a bit like not being connected to the road network: it's that bad,' he told the Western Morning News newspaper. 'So much work is being done online that it really is a must-have.'

The Government will invest up to £150 million in improving mobile coverage in areas where there is no coverage from any of the mobile network operators. Ministers plan to ask mobile network operators to improve coverage by the sharing of mast; this would then lead on the introduction of national roaming.

'It's not good enough to say here's the mobile coverage for the whole country,' said Mr Cameron. A lot of people are making important calls while they are “on the move”, he stressed. 'We do need to improve the coverage of the mobile phone signal.'



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