Weve Mobile Display goes live this week

Weve Mobile Display goes live this week

After months of trials with leading brands in the UK, Weve has announced it will launch its new mobile display service this week. The joint venture between mobile network operators EE, Telefonica’s O2 and Vodafone said the new offering will 'completely change the way that the market thinks' about mobile display advertising.

Weve Mobile Display was designed from the ground up to deliver vastly better results for brands and marketers, giving them much better matched, far less wasteful ways of delivering ads to people that they know want to see them, said the company.

Shiv Bhaduri, head of media products at Weve, said: 'Weve’s data, in particular, has given us a huge advantage in building our display service. We understand far more about the people that we’re showing ads to, on a far greater scale, than any other mobile display proposition to date; with the result that we’re delivering levels of certainty that haven’t previously been possible.'

In practice, this means the company can give brands the kind of information that they need to deliver high-quality creative advertisements that take account of a wide range of factors, from the 'kind of person holding the phone to the kind of handset they use and the place that they’re using it'.

At launch, Weve is delivering some new audience segments to help it deliver on the promise. 'In addition to age and gender-based demographics, we’re also including BARB regions, social grades, supermarket catchment areas (with primary shopper data such as Female 25+) and even behavioural, interest-based data for brands targeting sport, travel and entertainment products and services,' said Bhaduri.

For the past few months, the company has tested Weve Mobile Display in real-world trials with well-known brands and agencies - ensuring that it works the way that the market needs it to work.

Bhaduri told Mobile: “We have developed our mobile display service to put a better level of intelligence and certainty into mobile display. We think our service and the data points that underpin it enable us to offer brand engagement and uplift on display and we now know that mobile can be relied upon as a trusted means of communication.'  

The successful completion of the beta programme and the results Weve have been able to produce, in some cases with over 60% brand uplift and 39% purchase intent, is testament to the new service, he explained.

'In addition,  click-through stats have been running at 0.8% (against an industry average of 0.55%).  In many sectors, technology for example, click through rates are running at double of industry average 1% v 0.59% so we can prove that great data has a huge impact on mobile engagement.'

Weve also built in an opt-out option with the AdChoices icon on every ad. Users can choose to opt out with no more than three clicks, and stay opted out even if they change their handset – 'an industry first, and a big steeping stone' in helping the mobile advertising industry to build trust with consumers. In trials, the opt-out rates were just 0.002%, said Bhaduri.

'We believe that we’ve built a display advertising service that genuinely changes the market and that finally begins to exploit the extraordinary potential of mobile to help brands build better, more mutually profitable relationships with consumers.'


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