Eco-charger inventor talking to manufacturers

Eco-charger inventor talking to manufacturers

A Finnish inventor seeking funding on Kickstarter for his energy efficient phone charger has attracted the attention of three mobile phone manufacturers.

The three phone makers have commissioned pilot versions of the device, known as the Asmo charger.

Finnish engineer and video game developer Asmo Saloranta claims his Asmo charger is unique in that it uses no power once plugged into the mains, unless a mobile phone is attached to it. The Finnish inventor has patented the device and commissioned Haltian, a Finnish software and manufacturing company run by former Nokia engineers, to manufacture prototypes of the device. Both Saloranta and Haltian are based in Oulu, Finland, home to Nokia.

Saloranta started marketing the device last month through the media and via a campaign on crowd funding website Kickstarter. Speaking to Mobile, Saloranta said the charger had raised significant interest. He said: ‘Once I had patented the device and made a prototype I went on Finnish television. On the same day three mobile phone manufacturers contacted me and I am now making pilots with these three manufacturers.’

Saloranta declined to name the manufacturers but added that he has also been contacted by a number of retailers interested in ranging the product.

He said his funding campaign on Kickstarter was generating significant interest. ‘We started marketing the device last week on Kickstarter and we are getting huge notice around the world, although not so much in the US. Europe is much more interested and we have now included a UK device in our plans because we have had tons of requests from the UK for a prototype.’

Saloranta said he is looking to raise $100,000 but added he is not concerned if the target is not met. He explained: ‘Kickstarter is more about marketing than funding. That is how we have managed to make deals with other companies so even if we don’t hit the goal we are winners.’

He added that his aim is to see all manufacturers include an Asmo charger with every new phone. ‘Imagine how much energy would be saved,’ he said pointing out that research shows the world’s 6.8 billion phones and tablets waste the equivalent energy of two nuclear power plants every year. Saloranta said the device is also fire safe, unlike current chargers, adding that he was inspired to design the device after a fire started by a charger caused his girlfriend’s family home to burn down.  

He said: ‘I discovered phone manufacturers had tried and failed to make a charger that shut down once the phone is disconnected. So my charger is unique.’ However he said he has no plans to manufacture the device in bulk.

He explained: ‘I am not starting a big charger factory but I want to make the technology and use it as a standard. I am developing the technology to sell to manufacturers.’


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