Heriot-Watt making progress on satellite broadband project

Heriot-Watt making progress on satellite broadband project

Researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh are making progess in developing technology to provide high-speed broadband on various forms of transports such as aeroplanes and trains.

The research team released an update on the project involving the use of broadband satellite technology to bring faster Internet access to travellers. The solution will offer better service and faster data rates to those travelling in vehicles.

The project received £1.2m in funding from the European Commission; the university will develop mobile Very Small Aperture Terminals.

Dr George Goussetis, professor of microwave and antenna engineering at Heriot-Watt, said the antenna-based solutions being developed will be able to operate at higher frequencies. They will be compact and will optimise throughput between space and the Earth, he explained.

Dr Goussetis said terminals could have the potential to offer universal high-speed broadband connectivity to those on moving vehicles. 'What we're looking to do is make that connection faster so it will allow individualised connections per passenger – connecting to the internet, connecting to their smart devices.'


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