Quack! Messenger offers 30% ad revenue to users

Quack! Messenger offers 30% ad revenue to users

An instant mobile messaging app that promises to share at least 30% of its advertising revenue with users has launched in the UK.

The app, known as Quack! Messenger, is throwing down the gauntlet to instant mobile messaging (IMM) rivals such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, with analysts predicting it could grab a significant share of the UK market.

Quack! Messenger streams tailored, non-intrusive ads to users as they chat. The ads are played across the top of the user’s screen without obscuring messages. Users are rewarded for the frequency and length of conversations on a monthly basis and can choose to take the money at the end of each month or donate it to charity.

Users fill in segmentation forms when requesting payment identifying their age, gender and geographic location, this is then fed back to advertisers to better target their audience.

The company pledges to share ‘at least 30%’ of its advertising revenues with users currently receiving up to £20 a month.

The app, which is available on iOS and Android smartphones, was launched in Spain and Italy last year. It has over 500,000 users and agreements with major advertisers including Schweppes, Unilever and Kraft.

Fernando Troyano (pictured, above right), Quack! Messenger CEO said the app ‘revolutionises’ the mobile marketing space.

‘Mobile users often enjoy watching high quality and non-intrusive adverts, particularly during ‘dead’ time. Consumers also feel they deserve to earn a share of the profits made by advertising to them. Just by chatting on Quack! Messenger people can earn additional money by doing something they already do every day.’

Fernando Vila (pictured, above left), deputy CEO added: ‘We are the first app to share revenue with our users. That is our USP. IMM is one of the most used smartphone tools and brands want to be there.’

Troyano said Quack! Messenger’s UK launch was a significant step in the company’s expansion plans: ‘It is the most important market in Europe for us in terms of technology and mobile advertising – the UK is the door to enter other countries.’

Most users fall into the 17-25 age bracket, but Troyano predicted the app would broaden its appeal to a wider demographic overtime. Delivering non-intrusive, tailored ads was key to the business model, he added. ‘It is very important to us that the user never feels they are seeing intrusive ads. The ads that are shown are whatever the user wants to see.’

According to data analyst company Global Web Index, messaging grew 34% in the past 12 months, with 9 million UK users mobile messaging in the past month.

Jason Mander, head of trends at Global Web Index, said the UK is at the forefront of this trend with 40% of UK adults using Facebook Messenger, 36% using Whatsapp and 15% using Snapchat each month. He added: ‘There is room for new names to enter this market - we can expect to see strong uptake of Quack in the next three to six months.’


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