EE launches new 4G bundle for pop-up retail

EE launches new 4G bundle for pop-up retail

Mobile phone carrier EE has launched what it claims is the world’s first pop-up retail bundle. EE has partnered with the online marketplace for pop-up space, Appear Here, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and entrepreneurs to launch the Pop-Up UK campaign. It follows a new study from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), which revealed a lack of technology and temporary internet connections are holding back the UK’s pop-up retail economy.

Spearheaded by Ross Bailey, CEO of Appear Here, and Mike Tomlinson, EE’s director of small business, EE’s new pop-up campaign aims to help entrepreneurs set up pop-up shops over the next three years. The campaign features a 4G pop-up bundle, a guide to starting a pop-up shop, and mentoring and support from Ross Bailey and EE.

The pop-up retailing sector contributes £2.1bn to the UK economy each year. While it is expected to grow by a further 8.4% over the next twelve months, the CEBR report highlighted that the sector could deliver double-digit growth if technology issues were rectified. 

To help remove the technological barriers, EE launched the new mobile data offer for pop-up retailers. From £11.25 per month, the bundle offers pop-up shops a 4G connection for 30 days; it can also include other products such as the iZettle payment card reader.

Commenting on the new campaign, Bailey said: 'Pop-ups are the future of retail, and this campaign goes a long way to helping remove the barriers pop-ups are facing every day.' Whether you’re a major retailer that wants to try out a new product line or just one person with a great idea – setting up a pop-up should be as easy as possible, he added.

'This new Pop-Up UK campaign helps remove technological barriers plus helps connect entrepreneurs with their ideal pop-up locations. However, there’s much more support needed to help pop-ups achieve their true potential, particularly from the Government,' he said.

Mike Tomlinson of EE, said: 'As part of this campaign we’ve launched the pop-up bundle, the world’s first data plan designed specifically to help pop-up retailers overcome the technological barriers they face.'

Pop-ups can use EE's 4G network to connect with their customers via social media, take mobile payments, collaborate with suppliers, and securely access all of their important data in the cloud, he added.

'This campaign is built to provide aspiring pop-ups with the instant superfast 4G internet connections, flexible plans and technological hardware they’ve told us they need.'


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