O2 Travel now offering data roaming for £1.99 per day

O2 Travel now offering data roaming for £1.99 per day

O2 has launched a revamped Travel tariff where pay-monthly subscribers can now get unlimited data roaming for £1.99 per day when travelling within the EU. While O2 pay-as-you-go customers cannot take up the new promotion, they can avail of 50MB of data per day in Europe for the same price. If users reach this limit, they can reset the daily allowance by text for £1.99. 

According to O2, its customers will no longer have the worry of costs or having to rely on access to Wi-Fi networks. They will no longer need to switch off their data or leave their mobiles in their hotel room when travelling in the EU, said the company.

The new tariff follows a survey that highlighted how 14% of British holidaymakers take their handset out of their hotel rooms on day trips. Meanwhile, almost two-thirds of respondents revealed they switched off data for the duration of their holiday for fear of getting high bills on their return home.

Nina Bibby, marketing and consumer director at O2 said: 'By giving our customers access to all the data they need for just £1.99 a day when they are in Europe, we are offering them a worry-free way to get the most out of their smartphones.'

'Whatever you get up to on the continent, you'll pay just £1.99 for the days you use data with O2 Travel,' said O2. 'No catch. No scary bill to keep you awake at night.'

EU regulators recently cut roaming costs by 50% for mobile users. Prices cannot go higher than 16p per MB of data, falling 20p from previous rates. 


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