Motorola develops 'digital tattoos' to unlock Moto X phones

Motorola develops 'digital tattoos' to unlock Moto X phones

Motorola has developed a “digital tattoo” that will unlock a Moto X mobile phone by tapping it on your wrist. The mobile phone manufacturer's new thin electronic film sticks onto a person's body and securely unlocks the handset with a tap of your arm by using NFC.

Regina Dugan at Google, the previous owners of the phone manufacturer, had announced that Motorola was working on developing digital tattoo technology. Google's advanced technology and projects group developed the new adhesive sticker using VivaLnk’s eSkinTM technology and NFC.

With it taking around 2.3 seconds to unlock a phone and the avergae user doing this 39 times a day, the product will appeal to impatient mobile phone users.

Already available in the US, Moto X owners can buy a packet of ten digital tattoos for $9.99. Each application lasts for five days, according to Motorola, who announced the new wearable tech product on their website. According to this estimate, a Moto X user would have to purchase eight packs of digital tattoos to last a year.

Motorola said it will expand the wearable technology to other Android devices that will be capable of running the NFC technology.


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