Roamer to offer local SIMs for the US and Australia by Christmas

Roamer to offer local SIMs for the US and Australia by Christmas

UK-based technology start-up Roamer has launched a new version of its smartphone app, which aims to reduce roaming costs for mobile phone users when abroad while still receiving calls on their UK number. Roamer says it will launch new local SIMs for Turkey, Thailand, the US and Australia by the end of this year. 

The innovative app claims to reduce global roaming costs by up to 97% with users keeping their usual number for incoming and outgoing calls when travelling.

People using Roamer can make and receive telephone calls at lower rates and can still be contactable on their UK mobile number even when using a local SIM card overseas. 

Travellers can connect up their UK and foreign mobile phone numbers using the app. Credit can then be bought using a credit or debit card with call charges being well below standard roaming rates. All contacts numbers are automatically available when using the app. 

The free Roamer app is available for download on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Roamer recently raised $1.3m in a funding round with Richard Frank, co-founder of mobile phone retailer Dial-a-Phone, being one of the industry veterans investing in the business.

Petr Antropov, co-founder of Roamer told Mobile, 'The new exciting option is available for users with outgoing calls from a SIM or WIFI.' He said that users in over 50 countries, including the UK, can also get incoming calls. 'The rates are the best in the market, transferring a call from WIFI to the SIM is an absolutely unique feature,' he said.

Roamer is dedicated to international calls - whether at home or abroad - with it being a good idea to use your operator for local calls and Roamer for international calls when travelling, he explained.

'You can say it's a dialer for everything linked to other countries. You can still use Skype or Viber, but obviously their use is limited and mostly targeted to free user-to-user calls,' he added.


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