P3 to test the UK's mobile phone networks

P3 to test the UK's mobile phone networks

International consulting, engineering and testing services firm P3 Communications has announced the launch of an impartial regular mobile network benchmark in the UK.

The benchmark will analyse and compare the performance of all UK mobile networks from a customer's perspective. EE, O2, Three and Vodafone will all have their technology tested to produce a representative picture of the UK mobile network market.

The tests will involve voice and data services on LTE-capable mobile devices.

Testing will be carried out in October. It will be followed by the release of the P3 Mobile Benchmark report in November.

P3 has conducted mobile network benchmarkings in Germany each year since 2002, and yearly in Austria and Switzerland since 2009.

The mobile networks will be measured in cities, towns and their connecting roads.

Speaking exlcusively to Mobile Hakan Ekmen, managing director of P3 communications, said: 'Being one of the most interesting and largest mobile communication markets in Europe, UK is a perfect destination for P3 communications, the international leader in mobile benchmarking. The P3 Mobile Benchmark UK will show the leading edge innovations visible in UK market. Also, it will reveal potential weak spots in mobile service quality which are perceived by the customer. Thus, the benchmark will provide an independent overview about the network situation in the UK.

'For more than 10 years, P3 communications has been executing the leading network benchmark in Germany; and since 2009, also in Austria and Switzerland. P3 communications is widely accepted as a completely neutral authority being a fully independent and privately owned company with major players as their customers.

'As the de-factor industry standard, the P3 benchmarking methodology is focusing on customer perceived network quality and covers various challenging mobile services. In 2013 alone, P3 communications compiled about 40,000 measurement hours in 42 countries across five continents, with its test vehicles covering more than 500,000 miles.

'Based on the long-term presence in the UK business and flagship experience from other markets, the P3 UK benchmark is expected to be the leading overview of mobile service quality. All market players and several media have expressed strong interest and trust in the public benchmark results. We believe that the P3 Mobile Benchmark UK will become the most relevant market indicator – since it has already had this significance in other countries for many years.'


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