Things we learned this week…

Things we learned this week…

What we learned this week, from a BlackBerry void to concessions stands via a RootMetric:

Microsoft target BlackBerry b2b void

Ever since BlackBerry ceased to be the phone of choice for business users the battle from other manufacturers has been raging to see who can replace them as the number one b2b phone. This week Microsoft announced it had seen its b2b market share soar from 9% in Q1 2013 to 23% in Q2 of this year according to research from telecoms analyst Canalys. Putting the US-giant second only to Apple and with Samsung third. Is this a sign of things to come? Possibly, the figures are impressive and with no-one really taking control of the b2b market following the demise of BlackBerry, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft Mobile Devices can make any more headway in this market. The company certainly talks a good game, its business sales director Adrian Williams told Mobile exclusively that he is predicting the manufacturer could grab over a quarter of the UK’s b2b market share by 2015: ‘My ambition is to exceed 25% by the end of the year which would make us a very real contender for the number one spot, ahead of Apple’ he said. If he can achieve that goal then it will certainly shake things up in the manufacturer b2b space.


Who do you trust when it comes to network performance?

EE were the big winners in the RootMetric report into network performance the network came top outright in 5 of the 6 categories that the company tests. The problem for EE is that not everyone agrees with RootMetric or accepts that their results are fair. Vodafone previously complained that the firm’s testing 'does not appear to follow industry standard practices or is fully impartial, pointing to the commercial relationship RootMetric has with EE to sell it data from the tests. And as this half year results were released 02 challenged the findings, referring to independent network tests carried out by the network and Spirent Communications which ranked 02 in first position. Three who saw their results improve significantly in the findings were noticeably quiet on the issue of impartiality their narrowing of the gap to EE at the top of the RootMetric table only added to the complexity of the testing debate. With P3 Communications announcing that it is set to bring its benchmarking service to the UK in October it’s an issue that looks set to run and run.


Concessions stands changing hands

The headline news from Dixons-Carphone’s that they are embarking on a major recruitment drive to fill the concessions opening in 500 Dixons retail outlets must have also have brought home to rival Phones 4u the very real threat that now exists to the retailer of its staff already employed on Dixons based kiosks jumping ship. The retailer has already promised that there will be no redundancies as a result of the concession stand closures, but it is inevitably that some staff will be tempted to apply for the Carphone concessions. After all these retail staff already know the area and the customer base they will be dealing with and re-location will be inevitable for some employees. It’s an issue that will inevitably cause conflict between the UK’s last two major independents.




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