Vodafone aims to seize public sector potential

Vodafone aims to seize public sector potential

Vodafone believes that it is in prime position to capitalise on the public sector's attempts to cut costs and improve efficiency with its range of services. The operator has outlined its strategy for the public sector explaining that it would provide government organisations with mobile solutions that would cut out paper work, allow flexible working patterns and reduce expenditure.

The network said it believes that ‘saving time could be as valuable as saving money’ when it came to the public sector and that it was aiming to ‘not just reform, but transform’ the way in which government employees worked.

With 30 years of government experience Vodafone believes that it is ideally placed to offer the public sector the ability to cut costs without effecting service. The network also said that it believes the diversity of the area offered a range of opportunities from the largest departments to smaller SME driven projects.

Describing how the network balanced the challenge posed by the diversity of public sector bodies Matt Key, director of public sector and large business, said: ‘If you make your decisions by the customer you won’t go far wrong. You have many different organisations all working in different ways and you need to configure it so that it makes sense for the end user. This is how we explain the benefits to public sector organisations. Ideally, these different organisations would speak to one another so that a social services appointment is not made at the same time as the individual has one with the NHS.’

Explaining what the driver would be for organisations to adopt such practices Key pointed to the cost cutting targets that many departments will be required to meet.


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