Things we learned this week…

Things we learned this week…

It’s been a dramatic week in the world of Mobile here’s what we learned from Pay As You Go to missing fruit via a manic Monday


4G the future of PAYG?

As 4G continues to be rolled out by all the four major networks there appears to also be a broadening of the customer base that these brands are looking to attract. EE announced this week that it was going to offer a range of new Pay As You Go packages featuring 4G. This news followed Vodafone’s announcement on the anniversary of its 4G service that it too would be targeting its PAYG customers with the service. Both networks strategies are also significant because they demonstrate a clear intention to really push the PAYG platform once again. The tariff has suffered with the rise of SIM only deals but the fact that there appears to be an effort to attract customers back to PAYG using 4G shows that the networks are looking to chase the lower end of the market using this tariff. As new handset sales continue to decrease and fewer customers upgrade the different services that operators can provide has become even more crucial.


#manicmobilemonday… The fallout

After a crazy start to September focus turned to what the news that Phones 4u had being dropped by Vodafone would mean for the retailer in the long term. BT has emerged as one of the prime candidates to buy the firm should it become available and it would certainly make sense for the firm to make a move if it is seeking a high street presence. The other significant implication in connection to Vodafone dropping Phones 4u is where it leaves EE. The network is now the retailer’s sole major operator and leaves them holding all the cards when it comes to negotiations, we already know that the network was assessing its relationship with its retail partners but now it is in an even stronger position where Phones 4u is concerned. In this industry it is very hard to predict what is round the corner, and though it has had some bad news it’s possible that Phones 4u could have an ace up its sleeve, but they really need to play it now.


IFA and the missing fruit

Samsung and Sony were just some of the manufacturers launching devices at the event in Berlin this week and whilst time will tell whether these devices prove to have a major impact. You can’t help but feel the industry is waiting for Apple to show its hand come September the 9th. As has been show in the reaction to the Samsung and LG watches which have largely been regarded as spoilers to the predicted announcement of an iWatch. It’s harsh on the other manufacturers that their products are being constantly featured alongside a rumour, but the feeling that when it comes to autumnal launches the industries attention is very much focused on Apple is hard to shift.


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