Things we learned this week...

Things we learned this week...

Apple dominated this week’s news, here’s what we learned from a 2015 crunch to a pay off via a ring of fire:


The 2015 crunch

All predictions surrounding the wearables market have previously carried an Apple shaped asterisk. The Californian manufacturer’s decision this week to finally announce that it was entering the wearables space means that all new projections surrounding these devices must factor in the early 2015 launch of the Apple Watch. As many experts in the mobile industry have pointed out wearables are still in the very early stages as a product catagory and this represents the first proper test of the technology's mainstream appeal. It’s a brave person who bets against Apple being the firm to break this market considering the brands success in introducing new products for a larger audience. But we will just have to wait to see what the scale of interest is in these new products. The countdown to early 2015 has begun as those invested in the wearables space wait to see whether Apple’s entry proves to be ill advised or a stroke of genius.


The ring of Fire

It was a case of unfortunate timing for Amazon as they chose the day before the Apple keynote to announce their first venture into the UK handset market. 02 will exclusively carry the device which is being sold with a strong emphasis on value added services such as Amazon Prime. Many in the industry would view it as a positive if a new manufacturer could act as a market disrupter in the handset arena and Amazon are certainly well placed to do so. However, it remains to be seen whether the strong relationship Amazon already has with the consumer will combine successfully with the fact it has established itself as an electronics brands with products like the Kindle. If they do manage it and it paves the way for others to follow then we might remember the second week of September 2014 for very different reasons.


Will it pay off?

Negotiating a way through the Apple bubble to the key issues effecting the mobile industry this week was at times a somewhat complex process. One of the topics that received less attention, but was nonetheless highly significant was the launch of Apple's payments platform. It demonstrated how important mobile payments have become in relation to handsets. If the mobile phone does go on to become the major payment tool that consumers use to pay for goods the question is what opportunities will it provide for the mobile industry? If you are now selling someone a payment tool as well as a communications device surely there are implications in that. On the most basic level it was another indication of how central the mobile phone has become to our everyday lives.


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