Doro: wearables market too small

Doro: wearables market too small

Doro’s MD Chris Millington has said that he believes the wearables market is not yet large enough for the seniors manufacturer to invest heavily in.

Although the company stressed that they were not dismissing the segment yet, Millington (pictured) emphasised that they would not be moving into the wearables space just yet: ‘With wearables it’s all about finding the right audience, currently we see it as a very small section of our demographic, we’re not dismissing it, but I wouldn’t say we’re as excited about it as everyone else. It’s not a case of never, it’s just a case of it being right for the business. We can’t afford just to follow, we need to invest in the areas where we see growth.’

The Doro MD went on to say that whilst it had wearable products in other parts of the business it was not an area that the telecommunications segment had explored yet. That’s not to say that the manufacturer doesn’t believe that they need to keep moving forward to meet the needs of its customers, as Millington explained: ‘22% of the population are currently over 65 and this will grow to around 40% over the next 20 years. That is a sizable market although we understand that we need to evolve with them too.

‘Doro has been in telecommunications for 40 years now and we’ve had to adapt over that time period. It’s been a long journey to establish ourselves as the dominant player in the feature phone market. With our customers it’s all about creating more tailored devices.’

Millington dismissed fears about the tech savvy side to the senior audience choosing rival manufacturers above Doro. He said: ‘I’m not worried about what other manufacturers are doing, the only thing that concerns me about our competitors is if one of our customers purchases their smartphone and it puts them off having one.’


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