SNP: Mobile would thrive in an independent Scotland

SNP: Mobile would thrive in an independent Scotland

The Scottish National Party has said that it believes the mobile industry would thrive in an independent Scotland.

Speaking exclusively to Mobile, SNP MSP Mike Mackenzie said: ‘Scotland is a fantastic place to do business – and will continue to be so after a Yes vote. Business in Scotland – including the mobile industry – will thrive after independence.’

Addressing the issue of roaming charges Mackenzie pulled no punches regarding the theory that Scottish citizens could face roaming charges in the rest of the UK in the event of a Yes vote: ‘The No campaign has previously faced embarrassment after claiming that people in Scotland would be forced to pay roaming charges when travelling south of the border – just days after the European Commission announced its intention to abolish the charges.’

In ‘Scotland’s Future’, the Yes campaign specifically attacked the way that Scotland’s mobile infrastructure has been developed and Mackenzie added that an independent nation would seek to improve this: ‘The Scottish Government has already announced that after a Yes vote, we will use the economic powers of independence to improve the mobile connectivity of our rural communities – boosting our rural economy and creating more jobs.’


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