LIVE: Phones 4u staff speak to iSellMobile about redundancies

LIVE: Phones 4u staff speak to iSellMobile about redundancies

Phones 4u staff tell iSellMobile how they feel following the news that 362 Phones 4u stores are to close with 1,697 staff losing their jobs, after administrators failed to find buyers for the rest of the estate. Stay tuned for live reaction:

‘I don’t think we’ve been treated fairly. It’s been over a week since it happened and I only found out what was happening yesterday. All I’ve received are generic emails; we’ve all been relying on the news for information about our jobs.’ – Deputy Manager – ‘shocked and quite upset’

‘I’d take anything I can get, I’ve got children to support.’ – Sales Consultant

‘The important thing now isn’t about blame, it’s about finding the 6,000 hardworking phones 4u staff employment elsewhere, that’s where my focus is’ – Store Manager

‘It’s very hard for everyone here financially, I’ve just agreed to a mortgage on a house, I’m getting married and we’ve got an eight year old son to look after, others in the store are single mums and one guy has just agreed to a 12 month fixed tenancy he’ll now struggle with’ ... ‘I don’t blame Phones 4u, the networks were ruthless but I see why they did it.  Phones 4u’s owners have created a position where we’re no longer needed.’ – Deputy store manager

‘I’m very annoyed, I’ve worked hard to progress up the company and be promoted but now all these achievements have been taken away now I’ve been laid off. I want to stay in phone retail with Carphone or EE but preferably not Vodafone! I blame the network for shunning us when we were making them profit year on year but I also blame Phones 4u’s top tier management they weren’t prepared and they didn’t work with us. A lot of my colleagues have expensive rent, children to support, mortgages or families, I’m angry for them.’ – Deputy Store Manager

'Every announcement comes from the media first and the company second, it’s been frustrating' – Sales Consultant

'Nobody expected this, we’re all shocked and disappointed but we’ve been treated well through the process, it’s Vodafone and EE who are to blame' – Sales Consultant


An iSellMobile survey of Phones 4u staff provoked some interesting responses here's a selection of what is being said:

‘A lot of people could see where this was going and didn't do enough to prevent it. The management was very contradictory and confusing when anything required an explanation, for example when O2 ceased sales through p4u. If they treated their partners the same way they treated the majority of staff and customers then it's no wonder they didn't want to continue trading through them.’

‘Finding out via twitter or the media about your company/job/life is a horrible feeling and the worst part of the whole experience.’

‘I believe the leadership team had lost the sense of reality and thought that they could dictate to the networks. I was becoming disillusioned with them and their constant party culture. It had become a boys club.’

‘The only thing keeping prices decent now are Carphone and Three. Even Carphone isn't secure about their position. The mobile industry is an oligopoly and it is clear that we are moving towards a US model..which isn't good for anyone but for networks themselves. Private equity firms care only about short term profit which in large part contributed to the demise of Phones 4u. It's good that Carphone is in better hands, but they also have obligation towards shareholders. It is fine for now, but for how long? The situation looks grim.’

‘Been with p4u for 3 years and now I'm part of Dixons Carphone, it’s like getting into bed with the enemy would have wanted p4u to stay, loved the company’

‘loved the people will be deeply missed’


'I blame Phones 4U entirely for what has happened. The owners seem greedy and this was proven by a lot of cost cuts that happened throughout the past 10months that have caused a lot of unrest amongst staff in a lot of stores. I was part of a cluster, 2 stores with a combined target and had recently been moved to the smaller store as a bit of a reshuffle. The larger store was taken over, along with the contracts of all the staff there, but the small store has not.

'Most of my time was spent at the larger store during my employment as part of the cluster and to have been in the small store for one month and end up being made redundant because of this, whilst new starters in the large shop, some of which have only been there a few weeks, get to keep their jobs'


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