EE to use Wembley as 'the Mothership'

EE to use Wembley as 'the Mothership'

EE has announced that Wembley Stadium would act as the ‘mothership of the network’. The operator said that the partnership between the operator and the national stadium would see new technologies and services trialled by EE at Wembley.

Speaking at an event at the stadium Mansoor Hanif said that ‘most technology launches would take place at Wembley’ which was part of a greater ambition from the network to ‘bring the UK back to the number one spot’ in terms of Mobile connectivity. Hanif unveiled ‘a roadmap to 2020’ which would see the operator continuously introducing advancements at the venue alongside wider improvements in UK service.

EE were also keen to stress that despite Wembley’s status as ‘mothership’ the brand would also be investing in its coverage of rural areas, Hanif explains: ‘We need 18,000 small ships alongside the mothership to provide the service for all the other areas where our customers demand it.

The network announced that by 2015 it was committed to launching the UK’s only LTE Advanced network that delivers speeds of up to 300Mbps in the stadium. As well as trialling a 400Mbps network and trialling a 4G broadcast service in Club Wembley. EE also said that it planned to enable multi-operator 4G launch within the stadium, so other networks can offer their customers 4G speeds too.

To celebrate the partnership EE also lit up the iconic Wembley arch, see below


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