HTC looks to the camera at its ‘EYE’ phone launch

HTC looks to the camera at its ‘EYE’ phone launch

HTC has launched a number of non-mobile products alongside its latest handset the HTC Desire EYE with photography a common theme. The announcement of the HTC Desire EYE was accompanied by news that the brand was launching a handheld camera; the RE and Zoe a social network and photo editing app. The brand also announced a range of camera software known as the HTC EYE Experience.

The decision to launch the RE camera is a bold move by the manufacturer who said that the camera would be carrying very little HTC branding and would be compatible with a number of other non-HTC devices. The fact that HTC has chosen to develop this type of device is a definite signal that it is diversifying its product range.

The new Desire EYE phone also has a strong emphasis on photography with the manufacturer saying that the device carried ‘one of the best front-facing cameras available on the market today’ this has been designed not only for the ‘selfie’ demographic but also for those looking to make high quality video calls using their mobile phone.

Peter Chou, CEO, HTC Corporation, said: ‘Back in 1997, we allowed people to leave their laptops at home in favour of powerful, pocket-sized smartphone computing. Today we are taking a similar leap forward. Combining incredible hardware with unrivalled software, HTC is reinventing the way we think about imaging. We are taking you out from behind the viewfinder and putting you back where you belong, at the heart of the action.’


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