Things we learned this week…

Things we learned this week…

The things we learned this week from a quad play to a set of stores via an ‘EYE’

Another way to quad play

EE this week demonstrated a different approach to the TV market, rather than chasing the high end big spending TV customers the network announced that its service would target the Freeview customer ‘who wants a bit more’. It’s an interesting move and certainly makes sense when you consider the sheer size of the UK’s free to view TV market. The other major difference in EE’s approach has been the way they put mobile at the centre of its television service. As well as acting as the remote control other features such as multi-screen mean that the television is one of the many means by which people consume content in the home rather than the central point. Whether the strategy of provided a TV service from ‘a mobile perspective’ is success will be fascinating to watch, it could become the blueprint for other operators entering this space.


HTC ‘EYE’ up the camera factor

It’s telling that recent handsets developments have tended to be very specific technical aspects rather than major leaps across the board. HTC with its latest launch of products has chosen photography as the area where it believes it can stand out. This is not a shot in the dark, there is strong evidence that this is the most important factor for consumers; a recent Mobile Choice survey of more than 50,000 people voted the camera as the most important feature in a new phone by a long way. However, HTC’s strategy also reveals how few differentiators exist between the most popular handsets, which only increases factors like brand loyalty. Is the HTC’s focus on photography going to make the difference? Only sales figures can answer that.


It’s store go for EE and Voda

This week both EE and Vodafone revealed that it was full speed ahead on the conversion of the networks recently purchased Phones 4u stores. All of EE’s stores have started trading and several Vodafone stores also opened for business with the process of staff training and integration is well under way. With both brands retail portfolio having had this major boost the pressure is now on to make that presence count. One of the criticisms from Phones 4u supporters had was that the networks couldn’t do the high street as well as the independents, well now it’s time for the operators to shine.


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