Kazam launch Tornado 348 ‘the world's thinnest smartphone’

Kazam launch Tornado 348 ‘the world's thinnest smartphone’

Kazam has launched the Tornado 348 ‘the World’s thinnest smartphone’.  The phone which is made of an aluminium-magnesium alloy uni-body is 5.15mm thin.

The phone has a 4.8” AMOLED 1280 x 780 HD Gorilla Glass screen with Google’s KitKat 4.4.2. The device is also supported by Kazam’s customer proposition – one year screen protection and Kazam Rescue service.

Speaking exclusively to Mobile James Atkins Chief Marketing Officer at Kazam, said: ‘There are those brands that are that are defined by price and there are those that are defined by technical innovation. The rate of innovation is incredibly fast and it can be difficult for brands to find that differentiator. At Kazam we are in favour of innovation but we like to question the relevance of the proposition.’

‘By producing the thinnest phone we were making a design statement. After speaking to our manufacturing partners we we’re looking at what firsts we could achieve and this was one that we thought would work.’

‘At Kazam we talking about “tapping into a thrift culture” and as a challenger brand we believe we are well placed to do this. We’re keen to be make the brand accessible we have a depth to our range of phones, which can be up to 30 at any one time and we believe that customers will be able to find the one that’s right for them. Historically it’s been a one size fits all attitude, we’re trying to give customers a phone that tailored for them. The digital market place lets us see who is engaging with what which helps us to create the device that’s right for them.’






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