EE starts selling EE TV in store

EE starts selling EE TV in store

EE will begin selling its TV service; EE TV in its retail stores from today (06/11/2014).

The operator has repeatedly stressed the importance of demonstration in selling EE TV to the consumer. At the launch of EE TV the operator’s CMO Pippa Dunn emphasised this point telling Mobile that the product was best 'explained through demonstration'.

Speaking about the store launch Tim Coulling senior analyst at Canalys said: ‘The fact EE TV is going into stores is an important step. Consumers will be able to see what the offering is about and features such as screen sharing can be demonstrated.’

The quad play arena is one which many mobile players are looking at, interestingly that EE’s news about selling through stores comes on the same morning that Virgin announced a 10% growth in mobile revenue from cross selling to cable customers.

The potential financial rewards connected to quad play are something Coulling believes many mobile firms are switching on to: ‘It’s interesting that a lot of mobile companies moving into the TV space. Virgin are one firm who have been successful in offering big bundle deals to consumers. Multi play bundle deals have been successful in many different countries around the world, and it’s something that is happening more and more in the UK. The more that mobile companies can bring content in house the more opportunities they’ll have in this space.’

One criticism of EE’s offering is that it lacks the wide range of content that some of its rivals possess. However, Coulling believes this is something that will change: ’One would expect the content to grow, getting all the deals and rights arrangements take time. I doubt very much that EE would stand still with the content they have, more will be added as these contracts are negotiated.’


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