Voda in new branded handset deal

Voda in new branded handset deal
Sagem will release a new Vodafone-branded handset in June, extending the partnership that saw Sagem make the Simply range of Vodafone-branded handsets.

The handset is described as an ‘extra-slim’ GSM phone with a 65k-colour screen.

The deal is part of a programme of working with a range of manufacturers to produce handsets carrying only the Vodafone brand.

Jens Schulte-Bockum, Global Director of Terminals at Vodafone said: ‘Vodafone’s original design manufacturers’ strategy is intended to use Vodafone’s size and purchasing power to engage with the best white label handset makers and then use the power of the Vodafone brand to bring their products to market.’

A spokesman said the as yet nameless handset would be ‘reasonably priced’.

Vodafone’s co-branded handsets have included handset from Toshiba, Sharp and most recently Nokia, have had mixed fortunes.

Unlike the co-branded handsets, the Sagem deal will see only Vodafone’s brand on the phone.

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