O2 bundles up data with new ‘sharer’ plans

O2 bundles up data with new ‘sharer’ plans

O2 has announced two new shared data plans for with one data allowance that can be used across multiple devices.

The ‘Sharer Plan’ and ‘Family Sharer’ plans allow customers to use one data bundle, with up to 8GB allowance, either across multiple devices and smart tech or across multiple devices owned by different members of the family.

Nina Bibby, Marketing and Consumer Director for O2 in the UK, said: ‘People across the UK are increasingly tech-savvy and now own an average of 1.5 devices each. In response, we’ve created a simple and easy way for customers to manage their data usage across all their devices. Whether you’re sharing your data allowance across devices or family members, our new Sharer plans can help you get more from your smart tech and also save money.’

Bundle packages have been shown to work well in attracting new business particularly where multiple services are involved. Virgin and Talk Talk have both found success in the quad play arena so it is particularly interesting that O2 are pushing this model in the mobile space.

The fact that O2 are also offering an individual shared package across a range of devices is an acknowledgment of the range of tech consumers now have. Selling connections into tablets and wearable devices is likely to be a crucial part of the future income of mobile operators.


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