Yota aims to break UK market with latest double sided device

Yota aims to break UK market with latest double sided device

Yota Devices is embarking on a major push into the UK market with the launch of its latest ‘two-fronts’ smartphone; the Yotaphone 2.

The phone features an ‘Always-On Display’ an e-reader style electronic paper display that uses very little power and can be used for days at a time.

Yota launched the phone at an event in East London last night just around the corner from the manufacturer’s first UK shop.

Speaking at the phones launch Yota CEO, Vlad Martynov, said: ‘We believe our technology constitutes an entirely new species of mobile device, not just by integrating a power efficient electronic paper display but by making two screens work in harmony.’

One issue that customers may find with the phone is price as uSwitch analyst Rob Kerr pointed out: ‘It’s priced even higher than the iPhone 6, SIM free - and without the brand loyalty of Apple, the cost could put people off trying something new. You’ll likely find the two-faced YotaPhone 2 on the Christmas lists of Kindle fans who want lighter handbags, or any mobile fans that yearn for longer battery life.

‘Anyone concerned this phone is too gimmicky could well be right, but one in five (19%) Brits say they are most concerned with battery life when picking a new smartphone. Given this handset’s features are heavily geared towards conserving power, YotaPhone could be onto a winner.’


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