4G’s impact will increase: Huawei Predictions 2015

4G’s impact will increase: Huawei Predictions 2015

Rhys Saunders, Sales Director, Huawei UK:

‘2015 is set to be another exciting year in consumer tech. We live in the information age and the speed of the design and product cycle, the rapid growth of social media and other data applications never slackens. The good news is that next year will be more of the same: more great products with improved design, build quality and ever wider market appeal and more apps to download.

‘We think 2015 will be full of new products, especially in the 4G market where every manufacturer is competing to bring something new to the table that ensures their products cut through. We think that consumers are only just starting to understand what 4G offers them and as an industry we can do a lot more to explain the benefits of the technology. In 2014 we launched the market leading budget 4G smartphone, with a 4G device costing under £100, with this Huawei is ensuring 4G is in reach for nearly everyone. By the end of 2015, the majority of the UK will be covered with 4G.

‘Today, there are already more people in the world who can access 4G, than can access 3G. This makes for a compelling customer proposition, which will only get better and the technology develops.

‘Obviously technology is not just about smartphones, and other product segments are also continuing to develop and evolve rapidly. Tablets, wearables, Mobile Broadband and home devices are still an important part of the consumer technology experience. In these segments, as with smartphones Huawei offers premium devices, with cutting edge design, but at an affordable price. I have worked with Huawei for seven years, and when I look ahead to 2015, I could not be more excited.’


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